Friday, May 30, 2008

Not much to report

I haven't blogged much lately. I really don't feel like there's too much to report.

I did get the job that I applied for. I'm going to work in the Pre-School at Christ For The Nations. I'll be either in the 3's or the 4's class. Malachi will be at the pre-school with me. One thing that's always been hard for me is to teach Malachi. I feel illequiped and not smart enough. Having him in pre-school will help me out in this area because he'll be learning as well as playing. Not that I'm going to stop teaching him, but that he's going to get it at school too will be really good too. He'll also have Bible lessons every day. I start on June 9th and then the students start coming on the 16th.

Malachi's going to be in MN the 6th-13th of June. He's really excited about that. He often talks about what he's going to get to do.

Last night we went to the horse racing park to see a friend sing the national anthem. Unfortunately we got there half an hour after she sang. Malachi and I went with a friend and she and I were under the impression Cassi was singing at 6:30 and they had her sing at 6:00. We were very sad that we missed it. John saw it because he went straight from work.

This morning John and I woke up together with out anything to provoke us. No alarm, no child, just us waking up. I do think that something like that hasn't happend in a very, very long time. It was fun.


Sarah said...

So excited to see Malachi again! And that you got the job. :)

brenda said...

woo! new job! And it's great that you can take Malachi with you! tell me, what's it like to wake up without the "call of the baby?" I've almost forgotten... :)