Friday, May 9, 2008

1st Scraped kneed of the summer, 2 graduations, and We're all done!

Malachi scraped his knee yesterday. He was really upset about it and he really tried to milk it. It was so hard for me to not let him. Good thing his daddy came home to help me out.

We have a friend graduating tomorrow and John graduates next Friday! I'm so excited for them both.

John has three more things to do for school tonight and then he's all done. ALL DONE! I'm so proud of him. He's been an amazing rock when it's gotten hard for me. I know you think why has it been hard for you when he's been the one in school. But it was hard for me to have him away from us 1-3 nights a week for most of the last three years (he had one semester completely online). I'm so excited to have him home at night! Plus no more wondering how much homework he has when he gets home. No more scheduling time with friends around classes or homework. What a relief this is!

Course, in the fall he's starting a Masters program ;)

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