Monday, May 5, 2008

funny show!

I was the star of a funny clip this weekend! Last night some friends took us out to dinner for my birthday (yes I realize that it's been a couple of weeks already but we've all been very busy). As I was sitting down on my chair I realized that I kept going. My butt landed on the floor! I wasn't hurt (I was wearing very high heels, and a knee length dress, I could've been hurt) thank God and I wish I could've seen it from the outside because that was probably funny. I'm very happy that my dress stayed down because in order to avoid unsightly panty lines, I just skipped that part of the outfit.

My girlfriends got me very cute/practical gifts. I got a starbucks mug and gift certficate and some beauty products that should help skin issues. Thank you Sarah and Ruth!

I realize that I haven't put any pictures up in a long time, and that I've promised I would do so, so...I'll start the process. I don't know how long Malachi's going to sleep so I don't know how long I'll be able to devote to the process, but at least I'll start!

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