Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

What a great mother's day I had! Malachi let me sleep until 7:15 when the alarm got me up and told me to get ready for breakfast at 8:00. After I was washed, dressed, mostly makeuped and mostly done with hair, I went out to see a wonderful breakfast of fruit with yogurt dip, cinnamon twists and orange rolls (the house favorite and at most big occasions) and I got the only glass of milk. I got to open my presents before breakfast.

Malachi got me stuff that he thought I would like because he liked them. I got Cars Stickers, and Gummy Bugs. Malachi wanted to get me real bugs, but John nixed that, thank you John ;)

John also got me a present - a memory foam pillow! My neck hasn't hurt once in the last day, I think that took care of my neck problems! I still had a sore back when I woke up this morning, we'll see what to do about that.

After breakfast we all got ready for church. Church was awesome yesterday and the gift from the church to the women at the service yesterday was a booklet titled You Are Captivating by Stasi Eldredge. It was only 50some pages long, but it was powerful! Our pastor's wife challenged us to read it yesterday so after church John took us to the park and played with Malachi while I read. I was so blessed by this book and by John's idea.

We went to Simply Asia for lunch where I got a meal that was OK but wasn't what I thought it was going to be so I wont get that one anymore.

The rest of the day was full of naps, book shopping for Malachi and World of Warcraft. Unfortuantely I napped for like two hours so I wasn't tired last night and I ended up staying up until after 1:30am. When Malachi got up today at 6:20 I had a rough time of it, but I'm better now :) I might nap today.

I'm so blessed and happy to be the wife and mother of my husband and child. God really honored me by letting me have these two. I'm so excited to expand our family some day.

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