Thursday, May 8, 2008

Interview and update

Malachi seems to only be stuffy when he's laying down. He's had no other symptoms. His appetite has gone down a bit, but I think that just means he's done with his growth spurt.

Yesterday I was thinking about what kind of job I want to get. I really wanted to get the perfect job. Then all of a sudden it occurred to me that CFNI has a pre-school. I knew that I could bring Malachi with me, and it's on campus, so I knew it would be a perfect job! So I called the school of Children and Family (a one year program after you finish the first two years) to ask about the job. They said they most likely would be hiring for the next semester which starts the 26th of May. I'd be there from 7:15am to about 12:15 or 12:30pm whenever the kids are gone. So we'd get home at lunch time and he could go straight to bed when I could clean (or rest).

Another great thing about it, because it's a pre-school is that he'd be learning throughout the day. During the summer semester they'd just be learning Bible. But during the fall and spring semester, he'd be learning things like numbers, letters, colors and shapes. I'm so excited for this, and I pray that I get it. Please pray with me!

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