Friday, June 27, 2008

Almost a month

So I really haven't felt like blogging in the last month. I don't know what it was about the thought of blogging, but I just didn't want to do it. So much has happened to. Here's a synopsis.

Malachi went to MN for a week. We missed him terribly and he had a great time.

The day after he left John and I had a great day to ourselves.
- We both played WoW at the same time at 9:00 in the morning
- We had brunch
- We saw a movie (Indiana Jones) in the best theatre ever (Inwood Cinema) Where we had the best surprise of the day with the Living Room Theatre. Click on the link and then scroll down to the Living Room Theatre and click on the link for pictures. It's the best theatre ever!
- Checked into hotel
- Went to dinner at Melting Pot
- Went to Latin Jazz contert
- Back to hotel where I kicked his butt at King's in the Corner

It was a great day/night it was like we didn't have a child. Sometimes it's nice to have a break.

The week that Malachi was gone I started my job. I had orientation on Monday then Tuesday and Wednesday me and Michelle (the head teacher in the room), set up the room, Thursday I worked the Pre-School table at registration for the summer semester, I got an extra 4 hours that day which was great because the next day I worked it only until 10:30 because my baby was home and I couldn't stand the thought of him being a short walk away and me sitting at that stupid registration table reading my book because we got so few students to come to our table.

We had a great reunion that day. It was so much easier then the one we had last September after a 17 day separation.

We've had students in our room for two full weeks now. At first they didn't know what to do with me because they expected their old teacher. I think they've gotten used to me now, and we're all starting to get a long a little better. Who knew that four year olds had so much attitude and charatcer? I didn't! It certainly has been a challenge, but I like my job.

I got my first pay check yesterday. I haven't been paid for working in over 2.5 years, it felt great. It was more than expected too, that's always awesome.

Life is really busy. My house is a wreck because I don't feel like cleaning anymore. I do the laundry when I need to, and I do the dishes about every other day instead of every, and don't get me started on my shower/tub. But I think I'm happier. It's great to get out of the house every day. I feel like I'm contributing to the family. Malachi LOVES going to school. He'd be in school every day if we'd let him. Last Saturday he was so sad that we weren't going to school. His liking it so much has made it an easier transition on all of us. And he comes home singing cute Bible songs.

Tomorrow we're going to see a movie all of us together for the first time. I hope he sits through it, and I think he will. He's really excited to go see the movie on the really big screen :)

I was supposed to be going to bed now, so I'll leave with that. We'll see how often I blog now.

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Bethany said...

YEAH FOR AN UPDATE!!!! So glad to hear you're all doing well. any chance you're taking Malachi to see Wall-E? That would be cute! =) Can't wait to see you in a couple months!!!!