Monday, April 7, 2008


We had a good weekend. It went by way too fast. In no particular order:

Yesterday we went to a Dallas Stars (hockey) game. Our friend's friend had box seats and people kept cancelling so we got invited! Malachi went to a friend's house after church and we had an awesome time. We did leave after the second period because our friends had to be somewhere, but we didn't pay so it was ok. :) When we left the score was 3-2 Dallas, apparently in the third period Dallas scored again ending the game at 4-2. Everyone in the stadium got coupons to Chili's for free chips and salsa with a purchase of an entree because Dallas scored three goals. We were happy to recieve those on the way out.

After coming home we just hung out until bed time.

Saturday we went to our friend's new house. It's not moved into yet, but it's finally theirs! They had problems closing the first day they tried, so they were so happy to close on the house last Thursday. Their movers are bringing furniture and boxes on Saturday. I'm so happy for them. It's a nice house too.

It was a pretty relaxing weekend with just the right amount of things to do to occupy us.

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