Monday, April 14, 2008

bruises, prayers, quiche, a wedding, and 4 days to go

John and I are waiting for the babysitter to come over so we can go to the gym. Today has been a very good day with some tears toward the end.

I was sitting on the floor with my back against the couch and Malachi was jumping on the couch. Suddenly I heard a thump and crying. He hit the tile floor pretty hard. After he calmed down, I started crying. I think I took it harder then he did. I realize that he's a boy and he'll have his bumps and bruises, it's just not very easy to go through.

Before we put him down to bed each night, we say a prayer over him. Tonight John led him in prayer (John said something and Malachi repeated). It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

I made quiche for dinner. Malachi ate it so fast, as if he thought I wouldn't feed him. It was great to have my boys like their dinner so much!

I got some cleaning projects done today. I have a few more to do. My sister is coming into town on Friday for my birthday (Saturday). I'm so excited to have her here. She's been down twice before. Once for my graduation from CFNI and when I was in the hospital during my pregnancy. Both those times we've had other family in town also. This time it'll be just her. Unfortunately Malachi's in a wedding this weekend. Oh well. We'll still have a good time.

Oh yeah! Malachi's the ring bearer in a wedding this weekend. He's going to be so stinking cute in his tux with his black shiny shoes and his hair all styled. I can't wait to see him when we pick up the tux on Thursday night.

The babysitter's not here, but I'm going to continue getting ready for the gym. Have a great night everyone.

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