Friday, April 25, 2008

thunder, lightning and research papers, oh my!

Not much has been going on. John had a big research project due last night so Malachi and I went to stay with one of our Pastors (Guy) and his wife (Mary). They were very gracious hosts and we had a good time. Their 18 year old daughter has a Pomeranian who doesn't like little people. Poor Ginger was getting chased around by Malachi and she just didn't like it. She tried nipping Malachi but he would just laugh (she doesn't nip very hard).

We've had a couple of bad storms down here. I believe there was at least one tornado touch down. Mary was driving Malachi, me and herself home during one of the storms. They live out in the country and it was a very scary drive for me. At that time, according to the news, we were getting 10,000 lightning strikes/hour. I can believe it too because there was no break in the lightning. We even saw some really large bolts of lightning. One of them apparently hit a transformer in the city where they live, and the power went out shortly after we got home. I hate the dark, but after some candles were lit, it was quite nice in the house. I think it was only out for about half an hour, maybe forty five minutes.

My in-laws are coming in tomorrow morning. John and his dad are going to go shooting, and Mickey and I are going to clean out a closet! Then the boy is going to go to the hotel with them and spend the night there. Mom and dad are going to have a nice romantic candle lit dinner for two and a night to themselves. It's going to be awesome!

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