Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not as young as I used to be.

Last night I went to a bachlorette party and I realized that I've grown up a bit and matured in the last couple/few years. Most of the night was fun, but there were times were I wanted to go under a rock.

My girlfriend is getting married on Saturday night. I'm so excited for her, but please pray for her. Their honeymoon is in Mexico and they can't find her passport.

I promise to post pics of Malachi all dressed up, I just know he's going to be so cute.

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art.schmid said...

I was reading your post and I can totally relate. I'm only 22 but my life stage is so different than many of my friends, it's sometimes hard to relate. I know when I'm not with my son all I do anymore is talk about him. It's hard to try to fit in, even for awhile, when you're just beyond (not above, just beyond) things.