Thursday, April 3, 2008

Potty Training Update

Malachi's been having more and more accidents during his sleep (day and night). It's been stressful for us and for him. I'm sure it's uncomfortable to wake up in a wet bed. We did a little bit of reading online and I've realized maybe it's because he's a really heavy sleeper. If he starts going it doesn't wake him up. Honestly, I'm getting really sick of changing his bed.

We might consider doing special "sleeping underwear" a.k.a. Pull-Ups. I'm hoping that if we do that, waking up will be a lot less stressful for him and us. This will also make it easier to leave him over night at a friends house (we're doing that on May 2nd for my birthday party).

Please pray that what ever we decide ends up going well. I really want to start having less stress because of this. We're also creating a ton of laundry because of it.

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