Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roundup this week

I'm hosting the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup this week and the theme is your best/worst/most embarrassing ex-pat moment.

I'll have to spend some time this week thinking about mine...maybe my moment will even happen this week.


Sunny said...

I actually did the assignment this week which never, ever happens. But how could I resist making a guide to the social faux pas I have committed.

Here is the link:

Thanks for doing this!

Spectrummy Mummy said... <--funny moment. <---worst moment.

Good luck with the Round-Up!

SassAndSweet said... :) Thanks for hosting this week!

Just US said... - this is the newest one at least :)

Sadie said...

Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to reading other stories :-).

alex said...

Since I'm not overseas yet I don't have an embarrassing moment post, unfortunately, but I'd love to get more input about other countries' foreign services and the larger diplomatic community:

Becky said...

Don't know if you are already done but I just saw this one

Thanks for hosting!