Monday, January 3, 2011

FS Swap

For those of you out there who are Foreign matter where you're serving. If you want to connect with someone whose serving somewhere else, and send a little bit of your current culture to them, as well as receive from their current culture, join the swap!

Amy at Crafty Foreign Service is hosting the second FS Swap and this year I signed up. I'm excited to share a little bit of Costa Rica with somebody else. I'll also be in the States sometime soon, so maybe I'll send it from there and share a little bit of the States as well. Amy would like to hand out the swap partners on the 15th, so if you want to join in contact her quickly! Happy Swapping!

BTW, I'm super jealous of whoever gets Kolbi as their partner because I know she's going to be awesome.


Becky said...

How did you get the swap button gadget to work on your blog?

Sara said...

It's actually not a link. It's just a picture.

Amy said...

You are right. Kolbi is awesome. I have the pleasure of knowing her personally, not just from her blog.