Sunday, January 23, 2011

Minnesota...The End

Things I did in my last couple of days (of course, in no particular order)...

One more trip to: Jimmy John's and Target
Trip to: Walgreens, USPS (Sent my Swap Box!), The Carver County Service Center, scary Thrift Store, TJ Maxx and Payless for Bogo
Afternoon and dinner at my dad's house
Met sister-in-law in Bloomington to go to the airport
Cried at security when they made me throw away the cold medicine for Simon
Great Flight to Atlanta with Simon napping a bit
Chick-fil-A in Atlanta and barely no delay
Not a horrible flight to San Jose with Simon sleeping as long as he could be comfortable
Met at the gate by John and Malachi with Malachi running to me yelling MOOMMYYYYY (Best arrival ever)
Easy time through immigration and customs
Stop at Taco Bell on the way home
Gifting items from myself and family members to John and Malachi
Sleep in my own bed

Since Friday I've seen some friends and spent some quality time with my family. Right now we're sitting in the living room watching Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, having just eaten eggs and toast. I'm not sure we're not in the States sometimes. Well I guess we bring the States to Costa Rica anyway. 

Simon and I are still sick, but we're on the mend. Hopefully we won't pass it on to John and Malachi.

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Kristen said...

Glad to hear that you're back home safe and sound with all your boys :) And praying that you and your little one feel better soon. We've just gone through a round of sickness with our two little ones. I can't imagine traveling with them feeling like that!