Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great Weekend

Our family has had a very chill weekend. In fact we really haven't done much. Well...I haven't done much. Friday night John and I went on a date. We had dinner, played at an Arcade, had dessert at a different restaurant and saw a movie. We don't have a huge selection here, so we thought we'd see The Tourist. It had its good and bad moments, over all though, I liked it.

John and Malachi went out yesterday in the morning to check prices on dirt for our raised bed gardens, and then they did a little more shopping around. After they did that they picked up Simon and I for a little American fast food, heart stopping lunch at McDonald's. The rest of the day yesterday was spent relaxing at the house.

Today we went out to try an organic restaurant about five minutes from the house, but it was closed. So we went to a local restaurant that everyone says is really good, and it is. We enjoyed it and I'm sure we'll go again.The rest of the day has just been restful.

Sounds like a normal family living in the States doesn't it? Sometimes even though we're in Central America life seems pretty normal.

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