Thursday, January 6, 2011

Check Up

John, Malachi and I headed over to my OB's office yesterday to check on the baby, the previously mentioned placenta issue, and of course to find out the sex.

My OB lets the other Dr's in the practice to most of the ultrasounds (apparently they're better at it), so I met one of the other Dr's and she did our ultrasound. I was only 15 weeks 5 days, and he wasn't cooperating as much as she would've liked but we did get glimpses of HIS "stuff" if you will a couple of times. We laughed as we realized that we would have three boys in the house. Malachi was mad - he wanted a sister. I assured him that a little brother is way more likely to rough house than a little sister. I think that helped a little.

The rest of the ultrasound went well. The placenta is in a great position - couldn't be better actually. And the check up with my Dr went well. I didn't have any questions - it's my third, I feel pretty confident right now. He did my vitals and checked the heartbeat for himself. The one odd thing this check up...I've lost more weight. I lost about a pound in the last month, making it a loss of about 7 1/2 lbs. How I lost weight over the holidays and with barely exercising I have no idea! If I continue to lose weight, I'll have to eat more and I don't know how that will be possible! However, this month, I'm supposed to do business (eat like I was) as usual. I got a DVD of the whole ultrasound, and I'll see if I can somehow get the file online.

It seems the boys are getting sick. All three of them have some kind of congestion. John's well enough to be at work, and the boys seem fine right now, we'll see how it progresses. I really hope if Simon has a sinus thing it goes away in time for the flight next week.

What flight, you ask? Well...I'm going home! I'm going to visit my family and celebrate my mother's birthday. I can't wait to go to MN, and I can't wait for food. FOOD! Good (but really probably bad) food. With the cold weather, staying inside and sitting around all the time, and all the eating I'm going to do, I imagine I'll gain a bit of weight in the States.

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Becky said...

So glad the placenta issue resolved!