Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation Post #2

The 29 hour vacation that I had from 1:00 pm yesterday to 6:00 pm today will end up being a three post series. Why? Because today's drive home was even more adventurous than yesterday's drive there. So it deserves a post of its own. So today I'll tell you about our stay at the hotel.

When checking out the hotel I thought it looked really nice from the pictures. I was super excited to go with the girls, spend a night and have two hours in the spa. Since we got to the hotel last night at 6:00 and that's when the spa closes we couldn't make reservations then. So we enjoyed the dinner buffet on the restaurant's patio. We listed to the river and the animals and laughed, happy to be out of the car. My friend, A, had to finish a paper for school, so she sat in the lobby using their internet to do that. I was reading a book she brought (because I didn't think about it) on the couch with her until I was falling asleep. So I went to the room and read for a very short time and fell asleep.

This morning you heard a little bit about. I spent about an hour writing that blog, and after that A and I went to the heart shaped hot tub for a little bit while S got ready. The three of us had breakfast and A and I went to the room while to rinse/dry off and then we met S at the spa. They were fully booked, can we come back tomorrow.

Nope. A and S were leaving tonight for Panama and we were checking out of the hotel at noon. It had to be today. They said they needed three hours for the package we bought. They were awesome and managed to squeeze us in.

At the spa, I had a 30 minute massage, a steam bath, mud application on arms and legs, paraffin wax on my hands and feet, and a facial. It ended up being three and a half hours for me, my friends didn't do the steam and one didn't do the mud.

Check out for the hotel was at 12:00 and I was done in the spa at 12:40. I rushed to the room in the rain (because the umbrellas were in the room, where they were forgotten). A was waiting at the door for me with a message from the front desk. They were going to charge us a fee if we wait to check out after 1:00 pm. It was kind of ridiculous since they had A TON of open rooms.

We made it to the front desk right before 1:00 and checked out. We went to the restaurant for the lunch that was in the package. I had their nachos - they were tasty. The other food was just so, so.

We squared away at the front desk one more time and then after ripping up the credit card approval, I walked out. I was super relaxed and full of good nachos.

Then the real adventure began...

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Sarah said...

I'm so ready to read the rest of the story! Sounds like you got to relax for at least a short period of time!