Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Our guests didn't have a great night on Sunday night in San Salvador. They missed their 3 am bus and didn't make the next one at the other bus company. I felt really bad for them. Happily they were able to enjoy a little pampering yesterday and got themselves a pedicure and one hour massage at a price they wouldn't find in the States (and probably wouldn't have found here either).

So they're on their way right now. In fact...if their bus is on time, they'll be here in under two hours. I'm so excited to see them! I hope we have a good time and they enjoy Costa Rica.

I filled out a lot of HR paper work today. Got it notarized in the Consulate and everything. I did get to go behind the scenes in the Consulate which is pretty special apparently. Then HR gave me more paperwork. This time it's easy, direct deposit and W-4. Not nearly as confusing as the benefits paperwork. Oh yeah! I get benefits, even though I'm only part-time. I get the same benefits, just on a different scale. So when I officially start, I'm going to be putting away for retirement and I have life insurance too. I don't think I've had life insurance since John got this job, so that makes me happy. I know now that it won't be a big burden on him if something should (God forbid) happen to me.

I picked up Pizza Hut for dinner. I think it made a bigger mess than if I would've made myself a sandwich. Oh well, it was pretty tasty. Not exactly like home, but pretty good.

I'm IM'ing with my brother-in-law as I type this and he asks: What do you eat? I laughed and thought that was a very funny question. And I realized that we eat basically the same stuff that we did in the states. At least when we cook we do. We tend to go to the really really nice store and spend the money for the atmosphere. Plus it's the closest and I like it more...stop judging me! But we're still making spaghetti, and broccoli chicken braid, and grilling steak and chicken.

My maid does cook for us though, and I really like that. She makes a mean gallo pinto. She's making a big Tico breakfast for us tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm tired and I need to rest and clean up dinner before they get here.

BTW click on the flickr link on the right side to see some more pictures of the fam.

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