Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toot My Own Horn

I'm gonna do it.

I now have 30 followers. I'm excited that, that many people want to follow our story. I know of other non-Blogger readers too (my mom and in-laws for example (my dad and sister are two of the followers)) that follow so the number is deceptively small.

So to the followers. I often think of you and feel bad if I'm not updating you on goings on within our family.

On a side note, John pointed out that today marks three months that we've been in Costa Rica. Crazy.

On Monday some guys are coming from the Embassy to hang our big pictures and a couple of other things. Then we have a few more things that we'll hang ourselves when we get the stuff from the Costa Rican Home Depot. Then we'll be all moved in. Not too bad for a normal family, but we've been here for and eighth of our stay already. WHAT?!


David L. said...

Make it 31! Congratulations!

fsowannabe said...

Good for you! And wow, time is flying! Enjoy it!

Sarah said...

3 months! Crazy!

Are your walls all concrete like ours???