Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simon is Better!

Simon's much better. He did end up having another dirty diaper that night so I talked to the nurse. I called her at home, and I felt really bad, but after talking to her I decided to go out to the store and get some Pedialyte. They didn't have any at the grocery store so I went to the pharmacy. I originally thought the pharmacy was closed because I was mixing up closed and open. Luckily before I went home I remembered that Abierto means open, not closed. I bought some there after talking to the Dr on site with her broken English, and my broken Spanish.

I gave Simon a full bottle of it that night and sent him to bed. Yesterday he woke up already doing better. And all yesterday P gave him an ounce with each feeding. During his last feeding I gave him two ounces. He had fewer dirty diapers yesterday and they're more solid too. Today he woke up and his rash was better and they're still solid. He's still going to get an ounce at each feeding today. Hopefully we can take him off of it after today because you're only supposed to use it for 24 hours after opening the bottle. So if we still need to treat him we'll have to buy more. We'll see how he does tomorrow.

I'm sitting at my desk at work right now waiting for the Management Counselor (the big boss in the Management Section) to come back with this weeks newsletter approval. I'm actually quite proud of this one. I feel like it's much better than the last one I did. I also feel so much better about it because I wasn't putting it together from scratch, so I felt a lot less stressful. I was able to just replace some items with newer ones. I had to do very little page design.

I have to admit though, that it can be a bit like pulling teeth to get this put together because it relies on people sending me certain things. They're supposed to send me these things by end of business on Monday so I can put it all together on Tuesday. HA! I actually went to the Travel office today and I had to run around looking for a guy to send me a picture (in his defense it was still on the camera that was being carried around by someone else who's doing a project). They both sent me the items in a timely manner though - thank God!

Here's a wonderful Malachi story for your enjoyment:

We were in the car the other day and we passed a sign that said BAC. All of a sudden we hear from the back seat: "back! buh-a-ck. back!" We cheered on our amazing son. This was the first time I heard him read something with out being prompted or helped. He's so wonderful! I can't wait to see his progress in school this year.

UPDATE: P said he did really well today. He hasn't had one dirty diaper since he woke up! Yay!!!!

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