Monday, July 19, 2010


I had a couple of firsts today.

Our first Dr appointment. Malachi went to the neurologist today for a check up. He's doing great. The Dr wants to see Malachi in three months - John wants us to wait because the Dr in the US said every six months is enough. I really don't want to call and reschedule and have a conversation with the Dr about why I'm not going enough. I hate being judged by my kids Drs. Whether or not it's justified.

My first Spanish speaking drive through. Malachi was so awesome that I wanted to bring him to McDonald's for ice cream. We didn't have time before getting daddy from work to go in, so I went in the drive through. After I made the decision to do this I was a little afraid. But I handled it really well. I finally figured out that he was saying they only had chocolate flavored (fine with me!). So I ordered two. And purchased two for about $1.60. This was a total confidence booster!

Simon's first bout of diarrhea. He's been getting worse over the last few days but today he actually has had four dirty diapers. If he has one more, I'm going to call the nurse's cell phone. If he can go the rest of the day with no dirty diaper, then I'll just talk to her when I go to work tomorrow. His appetite waxes and wanes and he had a very slight fever (don't even know what it was because it wasn't high enough to take) on Friday night.

Otherwise he's as happy as can be. He's been talking and laughing up a storm the last few days. He's even been laughing at something in the back of the car.

So two great firsts and one horrible one. I really hope the diarrhea isn't something serious. Say a prayer.


fsowannabe said...

Congrats on the active Spanish! And hopefully, the little one will feel better soon!

Bryn said...

I've been told that going through the drive-thru in a foreign language is the best accomplishment you can have!! That's how you know you are now a big-leager! Congrats!!!