Wednesday, September 9, 2009

VA Beach

I figured it was about time to blog about VA Beach. We had a really great time, thank you Matt and Julie for letting us stay with y'all.

We left the North VA area around 4 o'clock on Friday. Matt told us to take the "back way" because the highway would be really bad that day. We did so and saw some really beautiful stuff. It still took us about five hours to get there though. Aryn (their daughter) was in bed so we quickly put Malachi down and talked to Matt and Julie for about an hour before we all went to bed.

After a relaxed morning getting ready and letting the kids play we decided to go to Mt. Trashmore so the kids could ride bikes and play.

The Gills

Despite the name of the park (and yes it used to be a landfill) it was a very nice park. We had a great time walking to the big playground. We passed the skate park on the way there and stopped to watch a bit. Some of them were really talented. After letting the kids play for a bit at the playground we decided to start the walk back to the car so we could go home, have lunch and put the kids down for a nap. The parents enjoyed this kid free time to chill and talk. Shortly after the kids woke up it was time for the Gills to go to a birthday party and the Roys to meet a friend.

We hadn't seen our friend Curtis in years. I didn't think he'd even met Malachi but apparently he saw him when he was itty bitty. It was so nice to sit and talk and catch up. We sat at Starbucks where I didn't get a drink I enjoyed. After that we went to the boardwalk to see the beach and the touristy area because we didn't plan on beaching there. We went to a tourist store to buy a couple of souvenirs and then headed to the beach.

The Roys with Neptune at VA Beach

Curtis and me on VA Beach

Malachi on VA Beach

We then went to sushi with Curtis for dinner...mmm...shushi. It was very delicious. By the time we got home it was bed time for Malachi. The adults stayed up talking again and then headed to bed.

The next morning we went to church with the Gills, afterward we went to Ruby Tuesdays for brunch. After which we went home and all the girls and Malachi napped. After naps we beached it up! We went to the military beach thanks to Matt being in the Navy. There was body surfing done by Matt and John, sand playing by the kids, and I did get into the water but not for long. We had a really good time at the beach. There was also body burrying. Who can go to the beach and not be burried?

M is for Malachi

Malachi and Aryn

We had a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse (haven't been to one since we left tasty! We put the kids to bed after getting home. Then the adults enjoyed a game of Settlers of Cataan and a couple of rounds of Scattegories. The next morning we put our things together and after a group picture headed off. We decided that since we were leaving in the morning we could take the highway. There was a tropical storm off the coast so we got quite a rain storm in the beginning of the trip. It made for some really stressful driving. After about three and a half hours on the road we stopped at Chick-fil-A (another first in VA) for the free sandwich deal. As it turns out, I was the only one who had a team shirt (John's didn't make it to VA). After eating delicious CFA we drove the last hour home. Ahhh...home sweet home. Thank you so much Gills for letting us stay! We had a wonderful time with y'all.

Group picture take 3 - yay it worked!

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Deej said...

I love the pictures! Looks like you all had a great time :)