Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was going to blog this morning just because I thought I should. Just as the blank blog page was pulling up I got a text. I figured it couldn't be John saying we got a bid list because he said he would call if we did. The text read: bid list received. After jumping and cheering and running into Malachi's room to jump and cheer (he ignored me and kept his eyes on the TV (by the way, I think we may never do a TV in his room again)) I called him.

We talked about what's on the list (13 posts). I'll let John blog about the specifics, but we're very happy about some, and very scared about the others.


Stephanie Ann said...

Yes, but he hasn't blogged about it!!!! I want to know what's on that stinkin list!!!

Crystal said...

I too am excited to hear what is your list! I would love to get together sometime, let me know what works for you. (
God Bless you~

Jill said...

looking forward to seeing your narrowed down list too!!