Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Seizure and Packing Up!

Malachi had another seizure on Tuesday. I was at work when it happened and the babysitter called to let me know. Thank God I work less than half a mile from home and the babysitter let me use her car. I was home very quickly. After I started holding him he calmed down very quickly. The Dr.'s office was closed for lunch at this time, so I left a message for the nurse to call back (which btw cost me $15 - stupid). The Dr. requested that we come in so we did. He was doing fine by this time and he passed her exam.

She said we need to make an appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist as soon as we can in D.C. I made the appointment and John wants to see if I can change it because our new insurance starts on July 5th and that's only a bit over a week after the appointment I made. Our new insurance is amazing and we don't anticipate having to pay anything for the appointment with the new insurance.

Today I have some girlfriends coming over to help me organize the house. I would really like my house to be ready for pack out (the day the movers come over) before we go to MN because when we come back from MN we're very busy.

Tonight my pastor's daughter is graduating High School. I really want to go, but we still have just one car and I don't now when John's going to get home from work. It's his last day there and who knows what he's going to have to accomplish today before leaving. He's really enjoyed his time at Benny Hinn Ministries. God has given him a lot of favor there and it's been a big blessing for us.

I've been quite emotional the last couple of days. I hope it gets easier when I get out of Texas because I don't like being a depressed and distant wife/mother.

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