Friday, May 29, 2009

Can't sleep

My excitment level is through the roof. I expect that I will have a hard time sleeping these next few weeks. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon, and I think I may skip those in hopes to sleep at night.

I've been following Minnesota Gal's blog for a couple of months. Her husband is a new FSO and they're heading out to Manilla, Philipines very soon (one month). I'm so excited for them. I may get a chance to meet her when we move into Oakwood - that would make me so happy.

There are a lot of FSO families living at Oakwood, it'll be great to finally be with people that understand what we're going through. They'll also understand all the abbreviations I use (FSO, DoS, EFM, FLO, CLO, FSI, etc...(btw I'm still a newb with abbreviations, I have a lot to learn)). There will also be a lot of kids there. There's a pool, playground, and sand box. We still have his sand toys from the grandparents so we'll get some use out of those this summer even when we're not at the beach!

I'm trying to catch up with my Esther class (I'm a week behind (this morning I was two weeks behind, so I'm working on it)). I'm going to give in and pay $5 to watch the video online that I missed on Monday.

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