Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day has been weird for me. As far as I know I have no family that has passed serving our country, so I don't have anyone to go pay honor to today. No one invited us to a bbq, and we're not hosting one, so that's very weird.

Mickey is in town today so this morning she took care of Malachi while John and I slept an hour and a half after he got up. Thank you Mickey!! After hanging out for a while Malachi made known his desire to go play outside. Since we don't have a yard or the fun toys he was used to playing with outside and grandma and grandpa's house we decided going somewhere would be a good time. Finally the Dallas Zoo is what we ended up doing because Malachi loves the stream they have in the Children's Zoo. He must have played there for 45 minutes before we took him out.

He wanted Chick-fil-A so that's where we headed for lunch. During his nap, I finished a craft project I was working on, and John worked on his new blog, I got a memebership at Palm Beach Tan (woo hoo, I wont be white!!!), and hung out with John for a bit. Mickey slept and did her nails (which I should do soon too).

Tonight we're going to do who knows what for dinner. Tomorrow is my Esther Bible Study! Only two more before I have to quit going.

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