Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Cooking chili on the stove top today for the first time in a long, long time. I went to stir it and I think I tried to move the pot a bit with the spoon and then there was some splashing and I got some of the boiling hot juices on two of my fingers on my right hand. It was very painful, still is. And I was in the middle of doing dishes with Malachi and didn't get to stop. When I turned the water on for him in the shower and then checked the temperature I cried out in pain because I used my right hand and hurts!

I've asked John if he could finish the dishes. I didn't get an answer, but hopefully with my gimp hand and most of them already done he'll be willing to do it for me.

Tomorrow he's coming home early because I have to go to the Dr.'s office. This has nothing to do with Department of State, but rather an infection that apparently hasn't gone away with meds, but gotten worse. It's become painful and I just want it to go away. So for the first time (yes, another) in a long time I'm going to the Dr. for a reason not related to "women health" or the DoS.

I really like my Dr.'s medical assistant. She is so available to her patients. She gives out her email address and extention to patients in case they need to get a hold of her and she's been very patient with me during the whole medical clearance process. Thank you Sarah!

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