Monday, May 4, 2009


I've been pretty silent on my blog for a while. Maybe because I've been blogging a bit on our Biggest Loser blog (which isn't public so I'm not going to link it). Since I'm technically blogging, I forget about this one.

Very sorry to anyone who's missing out. So...some updates:

John told me this morning that he has Level 1 Medical Clearance. Yay!! Praise God! We're still praying for Security Clearance to go through, after that is Final Clearance which we're not worried about. We're not worried about any of it actually. I know that this is the Lord's will, and I know that His timing is perfect. So continue to pray that John's Security Clearance will get done and that there wont be any difficulties with final clerearance.

After final clearance we're hoping he'll get a job offer immediately. John was going to try to wait until August, but after reading some blogs from people in the same process he's going to take what ever is offered because some people are still having to wait over a year, and his desire (and mine) is to go NOW.

I bought a book called Realities of Foreign Service Life. It's a collection of essays from Foreign Service Officers and Eligable Family Members (EFM's (spouses, dependant children, dependant parents)). I've learned a great deal and now I'm completely dreading the moving process. I was talking to John yesterday about it and I said that like with children I know the good will outweigh the bad, but just from what I read this weekend it sounds like there's going to be a lot of bad! I'm two essays now into the "Living in the Foreign Service" section and it's a little happier.

Work is going well for John and for me. This is the last week of school at CFNI and that means this is the last week of school at the pre-school until summer school starts. Next week my girlfriend is going to take care of him Tuesday - Friday and on Saturday he's leaving us! My in-laws are going to take him on the 16th and they're keeping him until the 30th. The reasons are two fold. One - I don't have to pay a babysitter for those two weeks and I can work 8 hour days effectively completing four weeks of work in two. Two - my in laws love taking him. This will be his third two week trip and his fifth trip with out us. He's quite the traveler. We're going to miss him greatly but we know he'll be in good hands, and he wont be bothered by our absence at all. I need to figure out someone(s) to take care of Malachi the other two weeks before summer school starts. Or I'm going to stay home and bring work home, or I'm going to work at night. We'll figure it all out, I'm very glad that my boss is flexible. He understands though because his wife (and mother to their three kids) works from home.

John seems to be always busy at work, busy, busy, busy. He usually stays 30 minutes to an hour late now. I don't even expect him home until at least six. He's the only one in his department that does his job and his job requires a lot from him. He often is working from home when there's a crisis. I'm quite surprised that the company hasn't given him a BlackBerry yet since they call him a lot.

John's almost done with school. He has his final this week and that's it. He doesn't plan on doing anything this fall because even if he started at DoS in August he wouldn't be able to finish his semester. So I don't know when he's going to finish his Master's Certificate. He's discussed doing it this fall or next spring if his work isn't too demanding by then.

We've been trying hard to hang out with our friends as much as possible. I think it started happening subconcioiusly but became a conscious effort. Our friends that moved to Austin in the fall for Law School will be back up for the summer so he can do an internship in Dallas. We're so, so excited about that!

My training for the 5k is going well. Just a week and a half until we run it! I'm really enjoying the physical benefits from it. My muscles are tightening and growing and slowly (very slowly because I haven't changed eating habits) I'm losing fat.

Whew...I think that's a lot of updates. I think I'll post some pictures soon. I haven't done that forever!


Bron and Jenda said...

Awesome! Thanks for the update; we'll be praying :)

Sara said...

Thanks Bron and Jenda! We appreciate it!