Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things to Do and Big News to Share!

My hubby has a blog and one of his recent entries was titled "The Final Countdown." That's really what we're in.

Tomorrow the movers come and empty our apartment. We're spending the last three nights in a hotel in North Dallas. We have some errands to run but mainly I think we're going to be hanging out with some people for the last time.

Thursday morning we're leaving for D.C. We can't check in until Saturday afternoon after 3:30 so we're going to take our time.

Oh Yeah!! I forgot to mention something. I'm pregnant!! This will be our second child and we're so thankful that God is blessing us with this. I'm hoping for a girl, John is hoping for a boy - but of course we'll be ecstatic with either. My tentative due date is February 9th, 2010 (my grandmothers birthday and a week after my hubby's). We'll see what the midwife says when I go in for my first sonogram. That will probably happen a week or two after we get to D.C. I'm going to have to get a referal from someone for a good midwife. I want to do a midwife at the hospital. I wouldn't mind a home birth but with my history I would feel safer going to a hospital. Our new insurance will cover a midwife though, so that's what I really would like to do.

This is just so exciting! So much is going on in our lives and we're so happy.

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