Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So much to say... little time to blog.

We really have been quite busy. There's a playground and a pool outside with the tennis, and volley ball courts. Unfortunately mommy didn't think about the pool when packing the car and sent all of the swimsuits, towels, arm floaties, etc...on the air shipment. So last night we finally bit the bullet and bought some suits. We're not going to wait two weeks - not when the pool is calling our name every day. I bought us some sun screen but still got burnt on my shoulders, back, and face today. Oh well, c est la vie. Malachi's showering and singing the Star Wars theme song right now. I love it!

I went grocery shopping today for my first big trip. So far I've gone shopping almost every day since getting here and today I finally just went and bought food for meals. The cost of living here is so much more expensive than at home that it kills me go grocery shopping and spend so much money. Oh well...c est la vie.

Tonight we're going to Josh and Bethany's for dinner and then we might be going out to a free outdoor showing of Kung Fu Panda. We'll see though, I really need to start sleeping more. My body is using so much energy with the pregnancy and I've been so busy, that I don't take enough time to rest.

Tomorrow and Friday I go to Spouse/Partner orientation at John's work. I'm trying to get Bethany and Josh to take Malachi tonight to Friday after work because we're already going to be there and it would be easiest with morning traffic (the worst I've ever experienced, Dallasites and Minnesotans have it so easy) the way it is, and Josh and Bethany live the opposite direction of work. I'm really excited for orientation though. I bought a couple of nice maternity blouses and some black slacks to wear tomorrow and Friday. I might have to borrow some shoes from Bethany or go buy some black shoes because I don't have any with me. Oh well, I don't mind another trip to Ross. :)

My oven and stove take forever to heat up. It's annoying.

Umm...yeah, I think that's all for now.


Laurie said...

This is so exciting. DC is WAY cooler than Dallas. I know you were really attached but you are living on the East Coast! There is so much history and culture. You can't help but fall in love with it.

Subway eat fresh!

Laurie said...

Ok....This is steff. Not mom. Not sure why it's says Laurie on these.

Stephanie Ann said...

That's better

Stephanie Ann said...

Did I actually spell my name 'steff'? I really can not believe it