Friday, June 19, 2009


I know I've been horrible at updating my blog lately. We've been so busy with the move that I don't know when I'd do it. Plus our internet was horrible at the hotel in Dallas that I could barely get online.

John's blog has a great update on us for the last few days.

I'm very excited about our move. We'll be in D.C. in two days! When we were on the road yesterday I told John that it doesn't feel like a move. It really feels like we're on vacation. Maybe it'll feel like a move when we get our air shipment in D.C.

When I made the reservation for our apartment in D.C. the woman said that we'd have to be in a one bedroom until a two bedroom opened. When John talked to her this week she said that as long as the people who are currently living in this specific two bedroom move out successfully on Saturday morning then we can move in on Saturday night. WooHoo! That is great news!

My family has been in my dreams a lot lately. I miss you all and love you all!!!

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