Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on the weekend and today

We had a really good weekend. There was only one time when Malachi was out of bed that he wet his pants and the other two times were when he was in bed. This is so awesome! I can't believe that my little boy is going pee in the potty.

On Saturday we went to the Zoo and dinner at Chili's to celebrate the great success he had been having. The whole trip was a dry trip. We knew that by the time he got to Chili's he had to go potty but every time I offered to take him to the bathroom he didn't want to go. He held it all the way home, what a good boy!

Sunday we didn't go to church because I was too sick, but we did go to Wal Mart because we were low on food. He had to go potty at Wal Mart too. When we were on our way into the handicap stall he decided he didn't want to go. That was fine, he'd never gone on a big potty or outside of our house. Later when I was in front of the deli counter John told me he said he had to go. So Malachi "flew" like an airplane while mommy ran to the potty. He was such and awesome boy and peed in the big potty at Wal Mart! We took care of two milestones with one potty time. He made us so proud! Instead of two m&m's he got a cookie!

Oh...and today he went poop in the potty! Super yay! This is such a great achievement for him and me. I'm so relieved that he did this!

Now we need to work on night times and letting Daddy take him (he only lets me).

I'm so happy that he's doing so well. Thank you God.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Sara! How great! I knew Malachi was advanced but to be doing this well just a week into potty training is amazing! Congrats to you and John!!! Keep up the good work and great attitude. And call me when you get a chance, maybe when Malachi is sleeping I have a prayer request.