Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 2 finished and Day 3 going strong

I forgot to do an update last night at the end of day 2. I was pretty tired last night so I did some dishes and went straight to bed.

So yesterday I got him up from his nap and I was so pleased to find a dry crib! Yay!!!!!! That really helped me feel good. Then we had one more time where Malachi went in the potty and we had another time where we didn't pee in the potty. That got me really discouraged. BUT....

When Malachi started making noise this morning at 6:30 I was pretty upset because I was going to get him up at 7:00 and then hopefully go to a dry crib and get him to the potty before he did anything. So I thought, since he woke up before I could get to him that for sure he would be all wet...nope! I went to a dry Malachi and the first pee he had today was in the potty!!!!

He was eating his snack (his reward for peeing in the potty, which I don't tell him is a reward) and I was rinsing dishes (didn't finish them all last night) when he said that he had to go potty. Unfortunately he had already pooped in his underwear. Fortunately for me it wasn't very messy. We made it to the potty in time for it to make it in the potty instead of the underwear. So in the first half an hour we had a successful pee in the potty and his first poop since putting on the underwear. I'm feeling great about today! Oh and when he finally peed in the potty this morning I had left the bathroom to get something and when he pooped he was sitting alone at the kitchen table, so maybe I need to leave the room for him to pee. We'll see.

So yesterday we're thinking that he didn't pee as much because we watched movies. He tends to not pee when we're doing that. So movies. Lots of liquids and lots of peeing in the potty.

I'll try to remember to update later.

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Brenda said...

Oh wow! Good job Malachi!!! Keep your chin up, mom! It's clicking :)