Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our Next Big Hurdle

Probably the most scary thing I've had to face as a mother is potty training. So far it is the largest and most daunting task. When Malachi was five months old we thought about starting a system with out diapers that teaches them to potty train usually by the time their 2 1/2. But it requires a lot of work for the parents and we decided that it would be best for us to stick with diapers.

Part of the reason people do that kind of system is to not put the child through trauma during the potty training process. John and I both said that we can't remember the potty training time in our lives and if there was any trauma sustained it certainly didn't affect us as adults.

So now here I am, almost two years later and I have to do this thing that I thought would be ok. I am so scared. Luckily for me this is just a phase and when this phase is done I'll not have to deal with any more poopy diapers!

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how he should be trained. Especially people that have gone through it. John and I have been working together so far to start the pre-potty training process and I think we're doing really well.

So far we've:

1. Taught him his body parts and what they do (I think he's mostly got that down).
2. Bought him a potty, let him sit on it with clothes on and off.
3. Switched to the toilet with his attachable chair for easy sitting.
4. Deposited dirty diaper contents into toilet and let him flush, teaching him where dirty diaper contents really go.

And now I think he knows what his body is doing when he's going potty and sometimes (like last night in the car) will announce when he's going potty. These are all great steps to getting him potty trained and putting them out like this encourages me on how ready he is.

John and I are going to buy and e-book on a three day system. I wish I could say that after three days that'll be it and we'll be all done training. However, I have to expect that it will take longer. Although I can pray and believe that God can help us in this transition and that it will be easier than I think. I should also look at this as a time for mother and son to learn together and to bond over a big step in both our lives.

So I hope this post hasn't been too gross for y'all. I'll keep you updated (with the grossest stuff left out).


Anonymous said...

Good times! I won't give you any advice because I have never potty trained a kid. But I actually remember the reward system my mom set up for me when I potty trained. Everytime I used the "big kid" potty I got a couple cookies out of the Cookie Crisp cereal box! Oh yeah! A handful of cookie cereal! Okay, one little suggestion. . . let Malachi put a sticker on a chart every time he uses the potty and he gets to show daddy his sticker chart at the end of each day.

Sara said...

I had thought about a sicker chart. Probably star stickers too, he loves stars.

Brenda said...

Sara! Congratulations! I have heard from other moms that the 3-day potty extravaganza works with many kids (with the occasional accident). So we wish you the best! I have no advice, but I look forward to hearing how it goes. And remember, no matter how long it takes or how challenging each day might be, he WILL eventually be potty trained. Someday. Unless he's Napoleon Dynamite.

Brenda said...

Oh yes, and Abi and I mailed the special firetruck this morning! Sorry it took so long, but, well, you know how running errands goes!!!

Anonymous said...

So, have you started the training??? How's it going?