Friday, February 22, 2008

A close on Day 5

After I blogged last time the day went great! Malachi didn't hold onto his trend to hold his pee for 3-5 hours. He peed at least four times before his nap. I was so excited to be making that progress.

When I got him from his nap he was wet and poopy. Yesterday he pooped in the bath two times, and honestly I'd rather have poopy pants than poopy bath. I wasn't very upset about it because I knew that if I got upset then Malachi would get upset. So I gave him a bath - where he pooped again :)

The afternoon was a great time for us! At about 3:30 I was reading a book and Malachi was running around the living room to his Bible Songs CD, he ran up to me and said that he had to go poop in the potty (that's what he says no matter what he has to do in the potty), he ran to the bathroom ahead of me and waited for me to take his underwear off and sit him on the potty and as soon as he relaxed he peed! This was such a victory for me because finally, he did what I've been trying for 4 1/2 days to get him to do! Then, throughout the evening he did the same two more times, a third time I carried him to the potty because of the times leading to that trip where he said he had to go, but changed his mind. I knew he had to go, so I decided to not give him the opportunity to change his mind again.

The last time he went potty today was right before bed. John put Malachi on his lap and told him what he needed to do before bed:

1. Go potty
2. Put PJ's on
3. Read a book with Mommy
4. Go to bed

Well, that's exactly what we did. What a great big boy I have! I certainly do not think we have arrived. We still need to work on pooping in the potty. But I feel so great knowing that there is a hurdle in our lives that has been conquered.

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