Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 5 under way

Day 4 ended pretty well. Malachi and I tend to do a lot better when John is around and he skipped school last night to stay with us. He truly had been my rock through this.

Malachi woke up today and I didn't hear. I had slept out in the living room because of my symptoms. John rushed out to me at 7:00 and told me that Malachi was up and that for some reason his alarm didn't go off. So I got into Malachi's room as fast as possible and found a dry boy! I was so happy!!! He didn't want to go potty though.

He did however go through three pair of underwear because he was holding in pee, but hadn't peed since yesterday so a little bit would come out. But when I tried changing his underwear he would get really upset. Finally we went into his bedroom to play and I think he couldn't hold it any longer and started peeing. He finished in the potty, yay!!

It's been over an hour and every time I ask if he needs to pee I don't get an answer. I think I'll do better today with my attitude though, and I think that will help Malachi.

Please continue to pray that he'll get over this aversion to going potty until he has no choice and can't hold it any longer. Also please pray that my drainage, congestion and cough will go away.


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