Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 1 is All Done!

Well I was pretty discouraged when I posted last time and the discouragement lasted until about 5:00.

When I got Malachi up he wasn't dry, his: shirt, underwear, fitted sheet, and top sheet were pretty soaked with pee. Thankfully he hadn't pooped!! So I stripped him of his clothes, and stuck him in a bubble bath. He really liked that and he smelled good after it, instead of pee and sweet.

The afternoon was the same as the morning, lots of pee on the floor and underwear but not in the potty. Then John walked into the door and Malachi almost instantly started peeing. I whisked him away to the bathroom...and he peed in the potty!!!! What a joy it was for me to have that victory! I was so happy about that. It only took about 12 pair of underwear and 15 times on the potty for him to finally do it.

Since then he had peed in the potty one more time. He likes to do it as much as I like him to do it because he likes the song his potty plays when he pees. The last time he did it and after the song played he said, "again?!"

My heart is over filled with joy right now because I know it's all up from here!

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Sarah said...

Yeah for the completion of day one! I hope today is going better for you two.