Monday, December 20, 2010

No P today

Today when I was getting Simon in the morning I thought I would go to the Embassy and catch up on the hours that Imissed last week when I went to the Dr.'s office for a last minute appointment (more on that in a sec). Right before I was about to remove the diaper (no poop - thank you Simon), the phone rang. I knew that because of what time it was that it was P saying something was up and she wasn't coming in.

But it wasn't P, it was her husband, D. D said that P was really sick (you don't want the details we have) and wouldn't be coming in. Ok, no worries, I'm not really scheduled to work, I'll just work from home. So the kids and I trekked to my office and I worked for about 30 minutes to make sure I could work from home. Our new Management Counselor came in on Friday and my boss is out, so I talked to him real quick to make sure he didn't need anything, and we headed home.

I put Simon down for a nap immediately and worked at trying to get Malachi settled into a movie, which proved to be harder than I thought. Finally I was able to sit at the computer and start putting the Newsletter together. It wasn't as easy as I'd hoped it would be. For some reason when I copied a picture that I'd emailed to myself from work it wouldn't paste into my Publisher Document. Grr! Oh well, as long as P is better tomorrow, I can go to work and finish it. I did get a lot of ground work done on the newsletter today so I know that I can easily finish it tomorrow.

I haven't been able to get a lot of housework done today though. Simon's in the process of teething, which is a super long process for him btw, so he's been very crabby and needy. Even right now, he's kind of whining running around in his walker, which he normally loves.

So, back to the last minute trip to the Dr. This pregnancy has been pretty uneventful as I'd already mentioned. But last week there'd been some light spotting. It didn't go away as quickly as I would've liked so I called the Dr. He wanted me to come in for an ultrasound just to make sure there were no issues with the baby. Well there are no issues with the baby but there's a little issue with the stuff surrounding it.

Just like with Simon I have early Placenta Previa. This means that the placenta attached low in the uterus and is currently covering the cervix. This could be fixed as the uterus grows; the placenta could move up and away from the cervix. However, if it doesn't, it will mean a c-section at 37 weeks so that I don't dilate. Because if I dilate then it could cause some dangerous bleeding. I used to practically faint at the sound of a c-section thinking it was the end of the world. But at this point I just want the baby's life and my own to remain safe, so if a c-section does that, then I'm up for it. Right now, I'm on pelvic rest and no crossing my legs until my ultrasound on Jan. 5th (was already scheduled to check the baby and the sex). Hopefully it'll already have moved by then which would be a good sign that it will all be alright.

What else is going on? All of the presents for the kids that we have so far and that John's parents brought down in November wrapped. The ones from his parents are under the tree, Saturday morning we'll put the rest of the presents under the tree.

Christmas this year hasn't felt very Christmasy. First of all, it's way too green here. Don't get me wrong, Costa Rica really tries to do it all up. There are lights hanging over the roads, trees are light up all over, people are lighting their houses, fences, trees, etc. It's really a season that Costa Ricans love, but I'm just not feeling it. We have our tree up, and have since the Friday after Christmas, and we have up the Christmas decorations we own, which is a sad display for sure. Shopping is done, except for stocking stuffers, and presents are being wrapped, but I still am not feeling it.  Don't know if I will this year.

I need help FS people, what do you do when the place you're in doesn't inspire the Christmas feeling? The one thing that's helped me this year? Baking cookie dough while listening to Christmas music.

Simon's crying and reaching for me, so I guess I'm done. Bye people!


Becky said...

Wow, I hope the placenta previa resolves quickly. Thinking of you.

I had a hard time "getting in the Spirit" this year too. But then we found out about some families in need and were able to chip in. That helped a ton. Made my own frustrations seem pretty unimportant. I still catch myself waiting for snow though some days ;) This is our second Christmas here but I guess the white Christmas thing is still ingrained.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and that all goes well with the little one.

Sadie said...

keeping my fingers crossed the placenta previa resolves on its own!

I think listening to holiday music and baking cookies is a surefire way to get into the spirit. it is harder when the weather is nice, but I think you're doing all the right things. we all decorated our doors at work; the simple act of doing this made it a very holiday-ish process :-). good luck!