Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching Up

I've started writing about all kinds of things but it's getting so long that I thought I would release it all in a series of catch-up posts. Here's number 1. Oh, and btw, this is post number 400 for this blog. Pretty cool!

John's parents came down at the beginning of November (yes, this is how far back I need to blog), and we had a great time showing them around the Embassy and our little community. We also took a trip to Puerto Viejo for a few days. We stayed at a B&B (which was more like a resort) about a three or four minute drive outside of town. We ate at a couple of restaurants in town, and we went to the Jaguar Rescue Center (which didn't have any jaguars). 

They had an amazing baby howler monkey cage that we were able to go into, and the monkeys climbed all around and all over us. It was a great time. We also got to hold a baby sloth. Sloths might be slow, but they're mean creatures. Keep away from their face! One lady didn't take this advice seriously and was bitten on the face by the sloth. They had, horses, frogs, birds and snakes as well. All of the animals were rescued and/or donated to the center. We lost interest in the snakes, but it was a lot of fun there. 

We tried the beach for a little bit, but I wasn't interested because it was really rough. Simon was really scared of it, he did take a nap on grandpa's chest at the beach, but otherwise the sound of the ocean really seemed to scare him. The rainy season was just ending so we still had rain during their visit, which was too bad. We got to see the sun a bit though, so that was nice.

My father-in-law had to leave just short of a week after he got here, but my mother-in-law got to stay. She stayed with the kids while John and I went on our vacation!

To Be Continued...

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