Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catch up #6: The Rest

This one is a little long, but I'm sick of catch up posts! Here's the rest that I haven't blogged about. This was actually written Wednesday the 8th.

Malachi's awesome pirate treasure map that he drew (which he drew on the same paper as his dot invitation to his next party, and his friend Ben's name with his name) was well...awesome. I had pulled out a piece of blank printer paper to write a note on. I started writing in Spanish and it was bad...very, very bad. So I flipped the paper over and wrote it on the other side and on the "bottom" so that they couldn't see my horrible Spanish. Malachi wanted the rest of the paper to draw on, and he wrote his name. He wanted to make an invitation to his next party, so he wrote his friend's name on it. And then he made a bunch of little dots, and called it his dot invitation. And then the big scribbles came. He brought the paper over to me and said that it was his treasure map and that he was going to put an X where the treasure is. It wasn't until after he was in bed when I realized he'd also drawn a picture of himself at his house, like the starting point of a maze. The little Malachi drawing was holding a sword, and the house kind of looked like a piece of bread with an egg inside of it - it was so cute! I gushed over how much I love my son after seeing that.

This morning though, he came into the room to wake me up and he had his pirate sword, a hat (not a pirate hat, but a hat, because pirates have hats) and his treasure map rolled up in his hand. He was ready to go treasure hunting! I asked him to let Mommy sleep a little more and as he was closing my door he said we were going to go with him. I think my room was suddenly on a pirate ship. He played this game all morning while I was getting ready for work but at one point he lost his map. This made me really sad because I wanted to take a picture of it, to have it forever. I hope we find it (we did). Then maybe we'll find the treasure.

"The fun things I'm doing at work" mostly means the Holiday Party we're having on Saturday. We're also having a Mission Holiday Dance, but John and I are skipping that one. The tickets are $30/person, and we don't really want to shell out that much. But the party this Saturday is going to be a good time. We're having US Hires and Local staff celebrate together. Santa is going to be there, as well as Mrs. Claus. We're going to have crafts for the kiddos and the US Hires are bringing cookies to share! I have to figure out what kind of Christmas cookie I want to make. It should be a really good time. And since we're out of the rainy season (we still get a sprinkle here or there) it should be good weather.

"My pregnancy." Where do I start? I realize that I haven't blogged very much about this pregnancy. It may be because besides some tiredness and occasional motion sickness, there isn't much to talk about. I think the best part of this is no morning sickness. Some people wonder if it's so different than the last two because it's a different sex, John and Malachi and I would love a girl, but another boy would be a lot of fun.

The Dr experience has been different so far. The Dr experiences in Costa Rica have been different so far. The biggest difference so far in the OB experience here is that the Dr was the one who did my ultrasound, not a technician. They don't have Ultrasound Technicians here. The Dr's do them, that was really nice. Also, I found out that during the pushing the Dr will be there the whole time. He also estimates that because of the size of the last baby (8lbs. 4 oz!!!) and the fact that this is my third, I'll only be pushing for about 10 minutes. I told him not to get my hopes up, but that would be awesome.

I think the biggest differences will be when it comes time to have the baby. I already talked to Dr. R about it and he said that I'll be in one room for labor and recovery. The delivery will take place in a sterile room in the hospital. When I'm in the labor/recovery room, I'll be allowed to have as many visitors in the room at what ever time I want, including my kids. He doesn't recommend having them there during labor, but the fact that they'll get to come see us after the baby is born, is great!

One of my fears about going home with this baby is the size of our house. Never before have I gone home with a baby into something more than a two bedroom apartment. I don't know how easy stairs will be and the kitchen is downstairs. Maybe I'll have to have people bring me food and water for a couple of days. Although, if I remember correctly, I was walking around pretty good by the time I went home with Simon. But the stairs...that might be an issue.

I also don't know what's it like to have a baby in an Embassy Community. Do people bring food? Because I remember how awesome that was before, and if this baby follows suit, he/she might be jaundiced and we might be doing extra things to help get rid of that.

Speaking of he/she, we find out the sex of the baby on January 5th. It's a bit earlier than they do it in the states, but according to everything I've read you should be able to find out by then.

Current time: 

I was sick last week and this weekend. I'm still recovering a bit from it. I spent all day Thursday and most of Friday in bed. I'm still coughing a little bit, but I am a lot better. Today I made cookie dough - lots of cookie dough. I tripled the recipe for sugar cutouts, and made a batch of spritz dough. They're chilling in the fridge so that we can bake them. Malachi's very excited to cut and bake the cookies. While I was making dough Malachi was putting Christmas clings on the windows and I had Christmas music on in the background. It was very festive, and it was the most festive I've felt this season.


Donna said...

We had our last baby in China, and I found that my FS neighbors were incredibly helpful. It was also great to have an ayi to help with the baby and the laundry - the general exhaustion that kicks in after baby arrives was much easier to bear with someone else in the house as backup.

(p.s. I never got sick when pregnant with boys. But the girls made me sick every time....)

Sarah said...

Loved reading all your "catch ups"...I just got back from Texas and hadn't been on Blogger the whole time.

Glad you're feeling better!