Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catch Up #3: Malachi's Birthday Party

Because this season is so busy for us we usually wait until the last minute to plan his party. This year was no exception. John did a little shopping for it the night before and we did all of the preparation the day of the party.

Malachi wanted make your own cakes like last year and John came up with the idea of star and planet cakes, so we bought star and  round cutters and made yellow cakes in jelly roll pans and John cut out the shapes and set them on individual plates.

As people started arriving we let everyone hang out until the last child arrived. After that we started the games. John came up with some great ideas and the kids had a really good time. The first game was bean bag assault. Malachi's cardboard castle is still on our porch, so John cut different shaped holes in it and gave each hole a point value. One team would hide in the castle and the other team would throw for the holes.

After that we played a game that the kids really liked. They played mummy wrap. Each team got a roll of toilet paper and had to wrap someone in all of the toilet paper from the roll. Malachi was a very good mummy and stood still the whole time so the paper wouldn't break. His team won that game.

The last game was the funniest, especially for the adults. We had two one year olds attending the party and each team of kids was assigned a baby. The teams had to coax their baby to the finish line doing anything but touching them. The babies of course didn't really understand and they'd walk or run about half way and then stop. They'd look around and run back to the start. This happened a few times, until the parents went behind the teams to help. One baby finally made it to the finish line.

We had the kids do the cake between a couple of games, but after the games we did the piñata. The kids really enjoyed that, but I felt kind of bad sending them home with all that crap. The piñata candy bags here also have a ton of crappy little plastic toys. Sorry parents!

We asked the parents not to bring gifts because Malachi room practically vomits toys already. A couple of parents didn't obey, but he got some great gifts actually. My favorite gift was window crayons. The whole family had fun drawing on our huge windows with those.

I think Malachi's party was a huge success. I can't believe my baby is already 5 years old!

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