Friday, December 24, 2010

Corridor Rep

This entry was written on Wednesday, but I've been busy and lazy.

You know when you work in the private sector and you have to be careful about what you say around the water cooler? Well it's no different in the Foreign Service. In fact in the Foreign Service people have been known to wreck careers because of something they said but shouldn't have, or did but shouldn't have. Luckily for me, my mistake didn't ruin any careers, but it certainly didn't help. I'm not going to repeat what I said, just know that it was bad. I think the victim is angry with me right now. I feel really bad and I wish I could blame the pregnancy for this. It's true that during pregnancy I have a harder time thinking through things, but this should have been a no-brainer. It's definitely a moment I wish I could take away.
Christmas is coming around fast! The Embassy is closing early tomorrow and then closed on Friday. We have dinner plans on Friday night and then Saturday is just us. I hope it's a relaxing day for us. I plan on making homemade cinnamon rolls on Friday that we can eat on Saturday, I'm already looking forward to those. Our Christmas tradition used to be hot chocolate and orange rolls in the morning, but we're not able to do orange rolls here (they're just not available), and I'm not certain the weather will call for hot chocolate, we do have many varieties in the house to choose from though, if we decide to have it with our rolls.
Malachi is very excited about Christmas. He's been asking us every morning and sometimes throughout the day how many days there is until Christmas. The smaller the number of the answer the more excited he is. When today's answer was three he was just beyond ecstatic. Simon has no clue what is going on. The only difference this season is making, is that he's playing with ornaments on the tree (the glass balls and angels, yikes! I should've thought to put those higher). Simon's not getting much this year, but I like it that way. He'll only be 10 1/2 months and he doesn't need a lot. Malachi has a sizable pile growing under the tree. Since his room is already vomiting toys maybe he'll pick some out to donate sometime in January or February.
More of John's presents showed up this year than I thought would because I ordered so late. It makes me happy that he's not just getting one thing. He said it's a sure thing that at least one of my presents won't make it on time. That's ok. Next year we'll do it better. This certainly has been a learning experience for me.

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Sarah said...

I only have one present for Ben - but that's because he wants a home theater system which he is picking out himself...I wasn't really supposed to get him anything but I saw something at our holiday bazaar that is just perfect...I know he'll like it!