Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Months Shots

Check! I hate it when my kids have needles poked in them. Simon's already been poked so many times in his short life that today's shots didn't seem too bad. He got three shots in his legs and actually had an oral vaccination too.

I acquired the medical records for the boys from their Pediatrician's office. I still have to get Malachi's neurology records and my OB/GYN records. After getting those we'll be bringing all of our medical records with us.

This week we're going to decide what in our apartment is UAB (Unaccompanied Air Baggage two to four weeks to our place) and what is HHE (Household Effects - two to four months to our place). Some time in the next couple of weeks we're going to our storage unit to do the same thing. Up until recently I thought I was going to be able to get the stuff from our MN storage (a.k.a. my in-laws attic) too but it turns out that we've already used up our total allotted shipments. Hopefully we'll be able to get them before the next posting.

I haven't been super good at taking pictures of the boys lately. I need to get better at it. I've been even worse at putting pictures up on my blog. Apparently I don't feel like sharing them with the world. I'll have to get better at that too.

We have a TON going on between now and moving day (17 days to go), so I'll either be telling you about all kinds of things going on, or I won't be updating very often. Only time will tell.

Malachi's been in MN visiting family for over a week and I miss him very much. He comes back on Saturday, that day can't get here fast enough.

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fsowannabe said...

Best of luck with the move!