Friday, March 26, 2010

Bad Blogger

I realize that I've been kind of quiet since Simon was born. Blogging just seems to be so low on my list of priorities. But mostly I wonder where all the time went. When the day ends I think to myself "what did I do today?" Sometimes I have a good answer, sometimes I don't. With about 2 - 2 1/2 hours between feedings the time seems to go so fast. We have gotten some things done for the move though.

We've purchased pillows, more small appliances, bathroom accessories for two bathrooms, and some kitchen items. These things are pilling up next to our TV. So far I don't feel like it's taken over our living room, but we're not done. Just yesterday I caved and told John that he can buy a new TV before we go. That'll probably take up quite a bit of space. All of these things stay in their original package to make moving them easier.

Today we both had eye appointments. The Dr. told me that my Rx hasn't changed since my last appointment (which she knows because of my glasses) - so I guess that's great. I can keep my glasses or get more (go to for some great deals on glasses, mine cost $9 with frames and lenses).

After that we met John's brother and his wife downtown for lunch at a great restaurant called Poste. If you want a delicious lunch or dinner check them out. B & S got into town last night and are here until Monday afternoon. Today they're checking out the White House and Capitol, and hanging with a friend tomorrow night for dinner and a show, but otherwise we have their full attention. Tonight's plan is to cook dinner at home which sounds really nice actually.

I had my postpartum check up today. I checked out great and can return to all activities. I can't wait to start running! I have to get a few things (left the running clothes in storage unfortunately) before I do so, but I think I'll get them quick to return to one of my favorite things (running...just in case you didn't get it). ;)

John's yelling at me. I have to go sleep now - not doing that enough during the day.

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Morgan said...

That's awesome :o). Hope you get to do your favorite things soon!