Friday, March 12, 2010

Good News Everyone!

Simon's bilirubin is down to 8.8!!! Last Friday it was at 16.4, so this is very good news. We no longer have to worry about it. It makes me very happy that we don't have to go get blood drawn anymore.

Today we went to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) to show Simon to the head of the Spanish department and to show my father-in-law around. Malachi was very sad that we weren't eating at daddy's work but Simon was hungry and I forgot to bring a bottle.

John has four more days of Spanish class and then he takes his final exam next Friday at 10am. We don't know what he's going to be doing after he takes his Security Overseas Seminar on the 22nd and 23rd. He has a couple of weeks where nothing is scheduled right now. I'm hoping he'll get a big group of "gap days" so that we can get a lot done. Malachi will be in MN during that time, we'd really be able to get a lot done.

His travel orders have been submitted, so when those get approved we can start doing things like get our car approved to be sent and get our travel advance (money) approved. We need to use our travel advance for fixing our car before we go as well as buying more things for post (e.g. crib, bedding, more small appliances, work clothes for John etc.).

The housing board is going out today looking at houses for us. Hopefully we'll find out soon where we're going to live so that we can plan exactly what we need to buy for it. I can't wait to have a house. We haven't lived in a house for over six years. John may even go to the office tomorrow (yes on a Saturday) to see if they assigned us a place.

Our friends are sitting on the couch next to us, so I better not sit here too much (this blog entry has been written over multiple instances over the last 24 hours). Happy weekend all!!

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fsowannabe said...

Glad to hear your segundo is doing well. We had jaundice issues with our segunda. Hope you get a great house!