Friday, March 19, 2010


Those in the Foreign Service will know that, that number repeated twice means completion of training in a language. Today John took his Spanish test and that's what his score was. Congratulations John! I'm so proud of you!

My mom and sister have been in town since Monday. Steph got sick with vertigo so they haven't made it downtown yet - and it looks like they won't at all. They are on the way to Mount Vernon right now and tomorrow we're going to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's house). They leave on Sunday after church and are taking Malachi with them. He'll be gone for two weeks. We should be able to get a lot done while he's gone. About 10 days after Malachi gets back we'll leave for Dallas. CRAZY!


Anna C said...

Congrats to John! That's great. I bet you will miss your little Malachi, but I know you will be able to get alot done. Can't believe you're leaving so soon, but it's so exciting!

Arianna said...

Congratulations to your hubby!

I'm a USAID wife, too. My husband (also John) sent me a link to your blog. I think he found it on some Foreign Service blog website. Anyway, we'll be going to India sometime in June/July. I also have two boys; we live in College Park. If you'd like to get in touch my email is

Even if you need another mother of little boys to vent to during packing time I'd love to hear from you!


LeesOnTheGo said...

Yea for John! Excellent job. And now let the fun begin!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on that wonderful 3/3!

It takes So. Much. Work. to get there - a 3/3 is a wonderful accomplishment!

Jen said...


Bfiles said...

Congrats! I just linked to your blog, I look forward to reading about Costa Rica, one of my dream posts (I'm a candidate waiting on clearances).