Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still Yellow

Simon's been battling jaundice since he was born. We were sent home from the hospital thinking that we were done with it, and we were wrong. At Simon's two week check up on Monday the Dr noticed he was still too yellow. So she sent us to the hospital's outpatient center to get his blood drawn to check liver function and his bilirubin number. His liver function came back good, but his bilirubin was too high.

He also is still pretty lethargic during feedings, so they sent me back to the lab yesterday. We went into the office in the afternoon to get the results. His numbers had gone down a little bit, but not enough. Also he lost an ounce in weight.

So to treat him I'm supplementing formula after he breast feeds. Also today he's chilling by the window. I think he'll be doing that all day when he's not being fed.

Other than the jaundice and the mid-night feedings we're doing pretty well. We should be finding out which house we're getting on or around Monday. I'm trying to not be too attached to the one we're assigned though. Apparently another FSO had to keep changing housing assignments because the contracts fell through for some reason. The housing person in San Jose sent us links to the listings of a bunch of houses. Some of them are pretty awesome. I'm praying for a specific one. We'll see though.

We haven't gotten too much of our to do list done in the last few days unfortunately. Hopefully we'll get moving on that. We have all the passport applications here, Malachi's are filled out. We still have to fill out mine and Simon's. How does one apply for a passport when we don't know the baby's social security number? His card should be on the way, but I have no idea how long it'll take to get here.


Jen said...

Hi! Found your blog through Lees on the Go. You have my sympathies with regards to the jaundice. My first two had jaundice issues (lights/extra feeds, the whole bit), and I remember how tiring and stressful it could be. Hope things are better soon, and both little guys are adorable!


fsowannabe said...

Hope the little's one gets de-jaundiced soon! We had the same problem with our 2nd. Hope all is well,


Cindylouwho said...

Hey, I just found out how to comment on these blogs! I thought Simon looked a little 'tan'.I hope he gets better soon - maybe a trip to Florida to bask in the sun would help?