Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Read Thing

A couple of FSO wives that I follow are doing a challenge called the Spring Read Thing. I first heard about this last year when I saw one of them doing it. Now both of them are and I've been inspired. I feel like my reading time has really been cut since I had Simon. This is a good way for me to pick it back up again. I'm already reading a book called Bringing Up GEEKS by Marybeth Hicks. John bought it and I'm eager to finish it.

Since I don't have about 99% of our book collection and won't have it until this challenge is over I'm going to have to work on books that I have here. I may have to buy a couple, but I think I brought a sufficient amount of unread books with me from Dallas and have acquired a couple in VA. Once my list of books is finalized I'll let you know what it is.


LeesOnTheGo said...

So glad you're doing the Spring Read this year! Looking forward to see what you choose!


A Daring Adventure said...

It's Friday, and that means that the Sixth Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

Here is the link:


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