Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Simon’s 3!

In February Simon turned 3. We had a few of his friends (and their siblings) over to play with balloons and eat a (poorly made) airplane cake.


Someone asked if it was an alligator (whatever, I’m not the artistic one. he’s lucky he got an airplane cake)

Simon had a great time, and the next day asked about his next birthday.

random 932

Showing off a bit of jelly bean in the teeth and his phat lewt on Easter morning ‘12

Simon’s 3rd year of life proved challenging for us parents. Simon is strong willed and outspoken. He’s been potty training and refuses to poop on the potty (still), in fact he holds the poop in for days at a time. His record is 12 days without pooping. He throws multiple fits daily, however, a threat of a time out usually calms him down.

random 967

He loves playing on the tablets. Seen here with his Costa Rican nanny.

Simon’s full of awesomeness, too. He’s very loving. He loves his family members and will show them. He’s very neat! He can make a big mess, but he likes to clean it up. Recently I caught him putting clothes in a hamper without prompt. Once when I told Malachi to put his dirty clothes away Simon said, “I’ll put his dirty clothes away!!”

At Home in Manila 006

His love might even hurt a little.

Simon loves to watch videos online, especially Pocoyo, TuTiTu, and Minecraft songs. He also loves Disney Junior. He has a few good friends, Pablo, Shane, Luke, Hanna, and Reed. He loves seeing them. When we drive by Shane’s house, Simon will point and yell that it’s Shane’s house. He’ll ask to go there, and when I say no, he’ll ask if we can get Shane to go where we’re going. When I say no, he’s very displeased.

random 004

Simon’s stuck in a bag! This is one of our favorite photos of him in ‘12

Simon is very athletic. He runs all over the house, and the street out front. He jumps off of furniture, onto furniture, on the bed, on the floor...lots of jumping.  He loves to play with his dad. He especially likes to sit on his dad’s leg (if dad is laying on the bed with his right ankle on his left knee or vice versa) and fall backwards. His legs are a little bowed in, but the pediatrician said that that makes for a more athletic person. It’s not something we need to fix.

Halloween 2012 019

He wasn’t a big fan of Halloween. Seen here with his Filipino nanny.

His health has been fairly good. He’s had plenty of colds and a bit of allergies here, but not as bad as Costa Rica.

random 1139

Playing with his cousin on home leave. He LOVED his cousin!

He stopped napping. He’ll go down if he’s not feeling well, but he doesn’t require a nap anymore. That was a sad day for me. He’s very much not a little boy anymore.


Making his own stuffed animal. He chose a purple dog and named it Purple. This is a tradition in our house, to be done before 3 years.

He climbs out of his crib now (this actually happened very recently but oh well). We looked for a toddler bed here, but anything that’s good is going to be too expensive. We tried shipping a bed, but it was too big. So…we’re going to have one made. But we’re being lazy about it. The first day he climbed out was weird. My bathroom door opened, and there he stood. I asked who let him out and he said he did. Coen was still asleep and his door was closed. He was ready to go potty and start his day. It was funny, and a bit weird.


Super Simon!!

We love Simon very much. We’re so happy that he’s a part of our family and can’t wait to see the person he turns out to be.


Two of his favorite things rolled into one!!


Nomads By Nature said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Sara said...

Aww - thanks! I think he's already forgotten it. I'm sure that when my birthday comes around it will be a nice reminder and we'll hear about it again. :)