Thursday, March 21, 2013


Malachi’s school is having International Day tomorrow. The students are dressing in costumes from around the world, and bringing foods from their native land.

Translation: I’ve been told that I need to provide should bring cheeseburgers to his class at 7:30 a.m. This was what he requested. My close friend also has a 1st grader who also requested cheeseburgers. She has five kids and is smart and is doing it the easy way because…well…it’s easy…and she has five kids! So she’s picking up McD’s.

I have mommy guilt when I do things the easy way. So, to assuage myself (because come on…we all know that my 1st grader would prefer the McD’s too, this was all about me), I decided to make them. S&R stocks King’s Hawaiian Rolls, so I picked up a pack. We have a bag of Angus Beef patties in the freezer. So I grilled four, added cheese, cut them into quarters put them in the buns, added ketchup and stuck a toothpick with pickle attached through it all (disclaimer: the pickle was John’s brilliant idea. even from Guam he has good ideas). I have zero mommy guilt, and am actually very pleased with myself. And I did almost all of the work!

I mean come on…what’s the point of having help if you’re not going to have them help?! She cut the buns.

Here’s a picture of the final product, all ready to go to school in the morning.



a_est said...

Cheeseburgers at 730 in the morning!? I love that you can get King's Hawaiian rolls!

Sara said...

Well it turns out that the burgers weren't consumed until the afternoon. And me too! I've loved King's Hawaiian bread products since I can remember. I about peed my pants when I saw them. :)